A Cowboy’s Wild Song to His Herd

(1999) Rounder 0449

An enchanting listening experience. From beginning to end, Skip proves himself a masterful interpreter of cowboy ballads as well as a superb instrumentalist on guitar, fiddle and mandolin. A much welcome change of pace from the world of formulated recording productions.” – Bluegrass Unlimited.


Lonesome Prairie Love

(1996) Rounder 0359

“Fine listening with expert musicianship” – Western Horseman Magazine “You’ll fall in love all over again.” -Cowboys & Indians Magazine


A Greener Prairie

(1994) Rounder 0329

“He seems to have been born to be a cowboy singer. Gormans’ singing is perfect for the music: a smooth, down home voice that can stand beside that of Carl T. Sprague or any other cowboy singer.” -Dirty Linen Magazine.


The Old Style Mandolin

(1991) Marimac/Cassette Only

“A wonderful recording in the Monroe style!” -Butch Baldissari, Nashville Mandolin Orchestra.


Trail to Mexico

(1983) Folk Legacy/Cassette Only

“Skip’s singing style is spare, lean and reminiscent of those working cowboys on the early 78s.” -Richard K. Spotswood, Bluegrass Unlimited.


Powder River

(1977) Follk Legacy/Cassette Only

“A nice blend of vocals and instrumentals by Skip Gorman and Ron Kane played in a distinctive and skilled old-time manner.” -Steve Davis, The Walnut Valley Occasional.