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Welcome to my new site. I hope you will find it useful and friendlier than the previous site. There are many more changes on the way including digital music downloads, so keep checking in.


  1. Randall Redman

    Howdy Skip; I met you at Wintergrass a few years ago and you taught me the Waltz in G. I got your Mandolin in the Cow Camp CD and really enjoy it! I just learned the Streets of Larado on my mandolin and me 1924 Gibson mandola H model and it sounds really cool. Would like to see you perform out west here and maybe I could line a few places out for you to play. Well take care. Do you have a direct email address? Thanks
    YOur Pard;
    Randall Redman
    WA state

    1. Skip Gorman

      Hello Randall!

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I remember you and your great enthusiasm for the old time music. Would love to get back to Wintergrass again , maybe in 2015 . There’s a possibility I might be headed out your way this June, before or after Weiser for some gigs and will make an effort to keep you posted.
      All the best , pardner,

    1. Skip Gorman

      Hey Jeff!
      Great to hear from you as always! Are you staying warm enough out there in old, western PA?
      Looking forward one day to actually getting out there and performing before I get to old and ‘stove up’.
      Very best to you , pardner.

      1. Jeff Cohen

        Well, come on down and I’ll make sure you don’t get too old and stove up. We can’t afford to lose you. Better hurry tho. I’m getting that way myself.You know what they say about old cowboys and chiropractors: They don’t die – they just smell that way.

  2. Kevin McLaughlin

    Love the new website! I own several of Skip’s CDs (yes, they’re all good, so I recommend their purchase without hesitation) and had the honor of being one of his pupils at a mandolin camp sponsored by the International Bluegrass Museum a few years back when I was first interested in learning the Monroe style (a life long process, it turns out). I understand Skip will be moving with Mike Compton to a Nashville area based Monroe mandolin camp this coming year, and I hope to attend and renew my acquaintance with, and learn more from, this incredibly talented and masterful musician, who is also a terrific guy.

    1. Skip Gorman

      Howdy Kevin!

      Great to hear from you , and thanks for your kind comments.
      Will you be at the camp in Nashville in Sept.?
      I’m looking forward to it and hope you’ll ramble over for a fine time .

      Best to you friend,

  3. Butch Helton

    Hello Skip, I would love to talk to you about coming to our Saddle UP Western event here in Pigeon Forge, TN. Our 2015 dates are Feb. 18-22nd. i been listening to your music and I feel that you would be a perfest fit for Saddle UP!I believe you have spoken to someone from our event before and we would like to see what we could work out.

    Butch Helton
    Pigeon Forge Office of Special Events
    P.O. Box 1390
    Pigeon Forge, TN. 37868

  4. Mike Mackey

    Howdy Skip!
    Been a few decades, hasn’t it!?
    Been following the occasional newspaper articles, via my sister in Springfield, VT, about your performing and playing in different settings. I’ll be visiting south west NH a lot Dec – Jan, and would love to catch a show and catch up on our lives… And tell everyone how you were once my hockey and baseball coach…
    Thinking of catching Luther Guitar Jr. Johnson tonight in Francestown, NH.
    All the best from Spofford Lake, NH.
    Peace; Mike Mackey. 617-755-4847

  5. Jay Heinrich

    Skip, We met back in 2003 I believe it was in Westcliffe, CO. We shared some time after the show in a local Irish Pub with the guys from New West, Ruthie Doonfield and your guys where you all jammed until the wee hours….great fun!! I love the authenticity of your music, delivery and style. I have most of your CD’s and wanted to get Cowboy’s Wild Song and Lonesome Prairie Love and they are out of stock. Will they be available again or are you not reproducing them. Thanks kin advance for some info. Hope all goes well for you in 2015!

  6. David Forbes

    Hello Skip,
    Thoroughly enjoyed that strangely intoxicating mix of sailing near Mull, West coast of Scotland, expensive single malt whisky and raising the roof in a few remote island pubs with your wonderful fiddle music!
    Keep this up and we may have to invite you to become an honorary Scotsman!
    “…eyes like a morning star, cheeks like a rose….”

    Slange va, David & Brenda Forbes.

    – 08 August 2015.

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